The Case of Rufomyazine and Rufomycin: Residual Complexity Does Impact Organic Chemistry and Drug Discovery

Emily Miller*

The intriguing monograph by the late Robert Shapiro noted, the question of our beginnings is a glorious one. How did we get to our modern biology, which looks to be incredibly different but uses the same basic mechanisms and building blocks practically everywhere? Such a loaded topic has undoubtedly produced a number of theories, some of which Shapiro better defines as myths because they do not hold up to scientific investigation.

में अनुक्रमित

  • कैस
  • गूगल ज्ञानी
  • जे गेट खोलो
  • चीन राष्ट्रीय ज्ञान अवसंरचना (सीएनकेआई)
  • उद्धरण कारक
  • ब्रह्मांड IF
  • इलेक्ट्रॉनिक जर्नल्स लाइब्रेरी
  • रिसर्च जर्नल इंडेक्सिंग की निर्देशिका (डीआरजेआई)
  • गुप्त खोज इंजन लैब्स
  • आईसीएमजेई

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