The clinical study of locator implant overdenture used in effects of restoration on elder mandible with edentulous jaw

Shuping Chen, Liming Yang, Bin Wu, Chun Xie, Enhong Li, Lina Huang

Objective: on the basis of the X-ray, the clinical soft tissue inspection and the conditions of complication after restoration, to evaluate the locator implant overdenture used in longterm clinical effects of restoration on elder mandible with edentulous jaw. Method: a total of 13 patients who were mandible with edentulous jaw (age between was 61-77, average age was 66.8) were inserted 2 pcs straumann implants separately (totally 26 pcs implants), proceeded the locator attachment restoration, and return visited after restoration. Followup observation, filmed X-ray and inspected oral regularly to observe the bone resorption of peri-implant and the conditions of soft tissue, and then analyzed complications. Results: during observation, no implant was failed, 26 implants had no obvious resorption of the marginal bone, 2 implants had peri-implant mucositis, 2 retentive force of dentures were decreased which were increased after changed the locator retentive inner liner. Conclusions: the clinical effects of locator implant overdenture is reliable, and it can improve the life quality of the elder patients who have edentulous jaw.

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